...record, delay, relay,

a system
through               distance

to listen...

1.01 Hold

Clayton McCracken


"Hold" is a looping audio-visual experiment in which automated voice systems, recorded live through a delay pedal and relayed back via speaker phone, are challenged to listen to themselves for the answers to their own questions. Naturally, like the humans who so carefully programmed their responses, the robots reacted to self-translation with confusion, apologies, and, in some cases, accusations.

These live improvisations were crafted into a precise dance track and, with the help of video synthesizers and vintage video mixers, an audio-reactive composition was generated. The analogue video performance heavily utilizes feedback loops as a mirror of these questions with no answers, no ends, and the impossibility of automated meditation.
—Clayton McCracken


Clayton McCracken is an NYC-based video synthesist specializing in large-scale installation and analogue visual effects.

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