or maybe it was cared for, once,
maybe it's recalling.

1.03 Untitled



I was in my home state of North Carolina while making this video and kept thinking about inner-dialogue, recovering memory and connecting dots. I spent many, many years of my life unable to recall my dreams while sleeping but they've been coming back to me for the past year with a lot of familial history and past memories in tow. It feels like a child came to me through Aria Aber's "Daisies" and I wanted to pull that dynamic into a simple trip out on the boat with my father.


Kinlaw is a composer, choreographer and artist focusing on empathic potential and agency developed by performance. Known for both solo works and directing shows with as many as two-hundred performers, Kinlaw dissects themes of power, memory, trauma and connection, resisting corporeal jurisdiction and the ways sociopolitics regulate our bodies. Her work has been featured throughout NYC in institutions like Pioneer Works, Mana Contemporary, National Sawdust, One Skylight Hanson, MoMA, Knockdown Center as well as throughout Europe. Kinlaw has been written about in The New York Times, Art In America, Huffington Post, Art Forum and Pitchfork, amongst others. She co-runs Otion Front Studio, a performance and community space in Bushwick, Brooklyn and was recently accepted as an artist in residence at MoMA PS1.

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