how to put it somewhere
and what to call that place

—an egg, a hole,
or just a fishing net?

1.09 Untitled

Rachael Uhlir



After reading Nicolás Ruiz's, "Estuve Aquí," I wanted to encapsulate the tension between succumbing to nature and time, and the human tendency of trying to control it. While there is tension between these ideas, I felt an ease into one-ness in Ruiz's work: "With every wave that returns, with every veil that is lifted, with the sheets’ every fold that recalls the the ship-parted sea, I see myself here." Photography is an interesting medium in that, unlike humans, a photograph has the ability to visually freeze a moment forever. It is my hope that this image transcends that by also capturing its pneumatic atmosphere.
—Rachael Uhlir


Rachael Uhlir is an emerging artist playing with analog photography, soundscapes, and the color red. Her work reflects on themes of mediation of self concept, the power of touch, texture, and contemporary feminism. Previously Rachael taught English using photography at a public school in Manhattan. She has her Master's in Education from City College and was a New York City Teaching Fellow. Rachael is also the creator of Femmetography, an online social network for femme and non-binary photographers. She has shown her work alongside many notable current feminist artists including Marilyn Minter, Kate Gilmore, Lotte Karlsen, Anne Sherwood Pundyk and Go!Pushpops. Most importantly she believes that anything, done with heart, is an art.

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