3.01 Forest Dream

Shawn Corey

In a dream I’m walking through a forest
Dense and dank
Rich with deep emerald tones
Swirling around in a silent
And comforting chaos
Undisturbed other than my footsteps
A wandering stranger
Searching for something

I come across a prominent tree
Towering up high enough
I can’t see the top
The roots are partially
Out of the ground
Weaving in and out of the rich soil
The tree seems familiar
Like an old friend from another life

I reach out and touch
One of the triumphant roots
And follow it as it curves and heads
Toward the ground
I reach for another
And another
And soon I am hugging the roots
Greeting an old acquaintance

The roots great me back
They start swirling around my body
And soon I am fully engulfed in roots
I feel like I am finally home
Covered by lovers and friends
At the base of this large tree
Just taking in the forest
As I am being consumed

I watch my skin slowly turn
From creamy peach to grayish brown
I watch my limbs as they
Stop looking like limbs
And take root in the ground
Along with my friends
And not too long after that
I become part of the tree

When I awake I am covered in sweat
And a little moss


As the beginner of the process I am excited to see the response to my work and the pieces to come after that. I rarely have the chance to write outside of my comfort zone and although I feel this piece I wrote for Tele- is authentic and fits perfect in my line of work I can’t picture myself writing it organically.
—Shawn Corey


Shawn Corey is a gender nonconforming poet and performer. Her work is expansive but mostly focuses on gender, sexuality, folklore, magic and the intersections of all of those things combined. She performs mostly at the Light Club Lamp Shop and with musicians. She hopes to release a physical body of work sometime this year.

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