4.04 After After

Erin Marie Lynch


I deeply felt the series of photographs I was given to translate. I understood them intuitively, in my throat. The act of translation, for me, then became an emotional one: to take the feelings that lived inside the photos and refract them through my own emotional world. In “Broke Up,” a woman (the artist?) keeps a steady gaze into the camera, looking out upon herself—her own longing, her own grief, and her own presence. I tried to hold her gaze until it became my own.
—Erin Marie Lynch


Erin Marie Lynch is a poet and artist. Her writing has appeared in journals such as New England Review, Gulf Coast, Narrative, and DIAGRAM, while her performance and video work has been featured at a variety of exhibitions and festivals. She is a former Hugo House Fellow and has been the recipient of support from the University of Washington, University of North Texas, and the Bill & Ruth True Foundation. Born and raised in Oregon, she is a descendant of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. Currently, she is a PhD student in Creative Writing and Literature at the University of Southern California.

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