4.05 { i keep my frankenstein in a jar }

Josh Urban Davis


In watching the previous artist's work, I was drawn to the aesthetic attention placed upon the body, specifically the meaty flesh of the blackberries displayed throughout, as well as the presence of deep breathing in the audio. This made me think about bodies mediated by digital technologies, just as I am watching this artist's body through a video on a website. How social media, such as Vimeo, disseminate and control images of our bodies. We are obligated by social contract to curate images of our bodies through social media: creating a presence of how our bodies would like to be perceived in this digital medium.

This is an abstraction of our corporeal form. A digital frankenstein. With this drawing, I wanted to interrogate this abstraction process. The vessels in this algorithmic drawing ebb and flow like the breath within our bodies, hinting, but never revealing a body. Being that the breath is so unnoticed, yet so necessary, it serves as the ideal suggestion for our digital frankenstein. By rendering this abstraction using programming, the physical body is stripped bare and remade using the languages of algorithms and electricity to be disseminated through the web. In this way, I've made a new body out of programming languages and electricity, a body so abstracted it could be anyones, a body which anyone can slip into by viewing, a frankenstein of everyone.
—Josh Urban Davis


Josh Urban Davis is an american research-based artist and engineer from Texas whose practice incorporates sculpture, performance, electronics, writing, sound, and video.

His research interests span a wide spectrum of topics in human-computer interaction (HCI), with a specific emphasis on generative design, interaction techniques, and novel interface technologies.

Davis' recent creative projects explore the relationship between emerging technologies, social relationships, and identity. His work has been exhibited at D!iverseWorks, the Blaffer Art Museum, Chandler Center for the Arts, Art League Houston, and others.

He currently lives in Hanover, NH with his cat, Nocturne, where he is pursuing a PhD in computer sciences at Dartmouth. To find out more, please visit his website: joshurbandavis.com or follow him on twitter/instagram: @kweenofparts

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