5.01 Gray Seeds

Adriana Kong


I step over the cracks in the sidewalk and ask myself why am I living in this city

gray landscape and dirty water

the cracks, are they exits or entrances?

cement can’t be destroyed so we’ll create over it

what if cement was soft or bouncy or chewy?

Making this piece made me think about hardness, work, and buildings. It was difficult for me not to think of cement in a way that is not harmful to humans. But I tried to take distance from this thought to make the piece; the video is just a feeling and a group of images, brought all together by cement.

All the digital material used for the video collage is made of cement, the audio are recordings of cement sounds and the videos and photos used are from cement too.
—Adriana Kong


Adriana Kong is a video artist currently living in Mexico City. She works with collaborative documentaries and experimental practices in media. She likes to focus her work on what's beyond the film and building communities. She is interested in personal narratives, archive and the lines between fiction and reality. She currently collaborate with Zona de Desgaste and Cine Too Lab
Instagram: @adrianakong
Twitter: @adrianakong

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