5.04 do grasshoppers know their metamorphosis is always incomplete?? are they in a perpetual state of longing???

B. Wijshijer


Reading "awful flower! the hurt! & the wound!," the words, "resentment" and "residue" stood out to me. I wrote in my notes, "what is permanence? what is monumental and who gets to decide?." Working on this piece three months into quarantine, and during a violent week in North America due to police brutality and anti-blackness, distrust is as relevant as ever. In my video performance, I try to embody Leia Penina Wilson’s lines. I “invent [my] feelings” by becoming a monument or “bad angel," “eat the fig," make a poor attempt to “petrify," and “autofill” with appropriated videos from YouTube searches for "cement." This is a base that is in constant motion——condemned to never fix. Tradition, sensuality, labour, and filth combine to create a monument that questions its anchor.
—B. Wijshijer


B. Wijshijer is a research-based artist working within digital media and video installation. Wijshijer utilizes online trends and subcultures to deconstruct mediated intimacies and personas on digital platforms. Wijshijer received their BFA in Printmaking from OCAD University in 2017 and an MFA from the University of Waterloo in 2020.
Instagram: @bwijshijer

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