5.11 orange rocks

Adriana Kong

orange rocks 

- I wish I was in the middle of nowhere
- nowhere is a place
- a place with no name
- nowhere is everything that I ignore
- nowhere might be under this rock
- nowhere might be out of this rock


Cement threatens life and also makes it happen, it was hard to think about cement. Buildings, constructions, stability, immovable, aspirations, hopes and progress. Cement is where I live; cement is a city.

I made a translation from this photo essay thinking about how contemplating a rock could feel as nice as a cold glass of orange juice in the morning.

To my journal: a fresh start needs a fresh ending.
—Adriana Kong


Adriana Kong is a video artist currently living in Mexico City. She works with collaborative documentaries and experimental practices in media. She likes to focus her work on what's beyond the film and building communities. She is interested in personal narratives, archive and the lines between fiction and reality. She currently collaborate with Zona de Desgaste and Cine Too Lab
Instagram: @adrianakong
Twitter: @adrianakong

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