6.03 Windows

Hannah Lipton


I see windows everywhere.
I see windows everywhere.
Though it’s different every time.
Always windows in my mind.
Over and over again
I look through the soil and see God’s reflection.
Look darlin’, see how the seeds grew,
started from nothin', ain't it amazing?
Angels singing songs of love
In my bones and up above.
There is heaven everywhere
Through the windows in the air.


[Lorna Dielentheis's] Window is documented in a series of photos, each one containing a rustic, wooden window, sometimes presented on its own and other times positioned in various ways alongside a person, all amongst bucolic, outdoor scenery.

The theme of this issue of Tele- being divination, I played with the whimsical idea that a window can be seen as a tool through which we can observe god – whatever that may be – heaven, or simply just reality in a more spiritual way. Inspired by both the aesthetic of the photographs and my own recent experience, nature makes its way into the theme of the song as well. In the spring, my mom and I started a vegetable and flower garden all from seed. Having had virtually no experience with gardening, I’m endlessly astonished by the daily growth of the plants, and sometimes the pure wonder I experience momentarily dissolves the rigid, scientific ways in which I intellectualize the world around me. I’ll look at a cucumber plant and think to myself, how can something that began from practically nothing become so complex and unique?

While writing this song, I kept in mind the idea of windows as spiritual objects outlining the idea with imagery of a garden and the natural world. Honoring the imperfections in my singing voice and less-than perfect pianistic touch, I wanted Windows to sound like carefree friends singing together at a folk festival, and didn’t worry too much about the harmonies being a little out of tune or not perfectly in time with one another. There is beauty in rawness.
—Hannah Lipton


Hannah Lipton began her musical studies at 5 years old with lessons in classical piano in her hometown of Croton-on-Hudson, New York. She eventually developed an interest in composition as a high school student and began composing pieces for solo piano with no professional instruction. She eventually went on to pursue a Bachelor's degree in music at Skidmore College, where she continued to study composition independently. Hannah also took courses in French, modern dance, ballet, political philosophy and English and played keyboard in a rock band. After graduating from Skidmore College, she pursued private instruction with composers Evan Fein and Justin Dello Joio. Summer festivals attended include California Summer Music, Brevard Music Center, HighSCORE Festival, Bowdoin International Music Festival Mostly Modern Festival and Vienna Summer Music Festival.

She is now earning her Master's degree in composition at The University of Southern California in Los Angeles where she studies with Donald Crockett. She plays keyboard and sings in an indie band.