7.05 Leave some room

David Mitchael

Cow hooves, clay, hair nets, wire, springs, coffee cup


Leading up to the beginning of my week I tried to brainstorm over the ways cream could be interpreted. Most of my thoughts gravitated towards products with cream in them or music with the word cream in the lyrics. But when I received "Anti-pasteural" my thoughts began to turn to the process of pasteurization and the extreme conditions used to make it. During this time I was working a very early morning job in a part of town that had only two coffee choices: a huge crowded chain coffee shop where people order a variety of cream variations or a little cart that has nothing but the most basic cream options. It was there at the cart in the morning thinking of "Anti-pasteural" that it occurred to me what to make. I ordered a coffee black and an extra cup and started that night.
—David Mitchael


My name is David Mitchael. I work and live in nyc. If this piece interests you, please check out my Instagram.