7.07 Room for the Cream

Vanessa Ehecatl Santos


Upon watching the video
And reading the text I
Was confronted with
Images of stark mortality
And creamers, dairy cows and
Female role modeling/identity and generational relationships.

Being held to concepts or ideas
Or a place.

Initially, I tried to find an
actual photo I took of a 1950s
blk and white cow dairy
Creamer I had taken in 2017.
Then I thought I would re-render
Water-color found images
Sourced from the internet. However I
Was so compelled by other people’s collections of ways to connect
w/ cream as a substance that I

wanted to use the actual image files
I hoarded from my google searches.
Then I did a couple of gestural
drawings which entered my mind
while watching the video assignment.
—Vanessa Ehecatl Santos


Vanessa Ehecatl Santos aka Ancient Pocket is an Interdisciplinary Indigenous Disabled Artist (ceramicist, textiles, illustration, painter, and printer)/Art Educator, Writer, and Nature Educator/Herbalist. They are also a mother of 3. They specialize in Indigenous Esoteric Studies and are also an Akashic Tarot Reader, Reiki Master, run an all ages Experimental Unschool called terraheavenecoarts.com and co-curated seraphimdream.com. They are a multidimensional artist, weaver of spirit technologies and new healing realities, wise teacher, and healing arts channel. Under the project Ancient Pocket, they regularly communicate new visions of sacred earth, downloaded direct from planet GAIA.