7.09 Pastorale

Ashlin Hunter


As I was reading "Jersey Cream," I was struck by the description that the cow became "disinterested in music" as her health waned. This led me to research how cows respond to music, and I was surprised to find a number of scientific and anecdotal writings about cows' relationship to music. Using Mozart's Flute Concerto in G Major as the seed material for the music (one farmer noted that his cows love Mozart's flute pieces), I created a real-time generative musical system that could (theoretically) play continuous music for cows. This two-minute clip is representative of the mood and texture of the generative piece.
—Ashlin Hunter


Ashlin Hunter’s music is found at the intersection of obsession and wonder. Kaleidoscopic textures, long developmental arcs, and blossoming harmonic progressions convey her captivating musical voice. Created through iterative and process-based compositional processes, Ashlin’s music balances an organic unfolding of material with intricate contrapuntal structures. Many of her works explore symbolic granular synthesis and the relationship between identity and the creative process.