Cover video by Misha Davidoff



Lorna Dielentheis: “A few themes persist throughout the issue, most notably the human urge to make meaning.”

Each piece carries threads of its predecessors. A few themes persist throughout the issue, most notably the human urge to make meaning. I love that some symbols disappear and reappear, especially the sky. I was particularly moved by how my piece was translated. In her song, "Windows," Lipton suggests an alternate use for my sculpture, Window: a lens through which to experience beauty and awe.

Sam Pettibon: “book-ended by clouds”

Seeing the pieces in full, appropriately book-ended by clouds, reminded me of the life cycle. I was able to appreciate that immediately and felt grateful for the small moment that each person put forward, and for the short period of time we were connected by the idea of divination.

Brittany Ackerman: “Windows, seeking, higher aim”

Windows, seeking, higher aim, and lots of internal reflection in this issue’s pieces. I think altogether it makes for a beautiful representation of divination; our own definition as artists of the word that’s so difficult to define.

C.J.A.: “that's what happens in a good game of telephone”

It's interesting to me that, even as I thought I did a good job paying close attention to what the artist before me, Erika, had made, my poem was still probably more about myself and my own projections. But I think that's what happens in a good game of telephone anyway.

It is also sort of what Sasha, the artist after me, did, by transposing my poem’s encounter to an urban setting. I really liked seeing how she read my poem.

I find it interesting also to note that until Sasha’s photo, most of the pieces stayed with the “big sky” vision of nature that the issue began with.

E.G. Cunningham: “texture and vibrancy”

The issue contains so much texture and vibrancy. I was really struck by Sam Pettibon's piece, in particular, and the way the entire series is in conversation in subtle and implicit ways.