Editor’s Note

It’s finally here! Our first issue is now online and we could not be more excited to share it with you. This inaugural issue centers around the central motive of our publication, the definition of the prefix tele- : “far, far off, operating over distance.” Over distance, across language and media, our expressive efforts are efficacious in unexpected ways. I invite you into the mysteries of unconscious transmission, and to witness their influence on that attempt at communication called art.

I am so grateful to our artists for their moving and thoughtful contributions and for trusting in this strange, little experiment of ours. It has been incredible to watch this process unfold and to see how each artist responds to the problem of this type of translation so uniquely. This issue features music, text, images, and video by Yanyi, Aria Aber, Celeste Byers, Kinlaw, Clayton McCracken, Kate Mohanty, Mia Pinheiro, Estefania Puerta, Nicolás Ruiz, and Rachael Uhlir, with video cover art by Joey Agresta and translation by tele- editor Misha Davidoff. Thank you all so much for giving a form and a life to this project.

I encourage you to view the issue from start to finish, seeing for yourself the ways in which each piece grows out of the last and leads into the next, to see the threads that continue and the threads that are dropped, sometimes to be picked up again, unexpectedly, further down the line. As part of the stitching or weaving together of the issue, the editors have added bits of lyric thread between each piece to carry you from one to the next. You can see these bits by clicking the green + above each piece.

You can read tele- in multiple ways: To see each piece individually, try clicking through the pages in the table of contents, using the navigation menu at the bottom of the screen to navigate from beginning to end. You can also scroll through the mobile/feed navigation of the issue from top to bottom in a single stream here; and for a different experience, try our text-navigation view, which allows you to click through the lines of lyric thread in the form of a poem to see where each line will take you. The video cover art should play automatically at the top of the page on computers, but may appear as a still image on mobile phones. To see (and hear!) the cover completely, make sure to navigate to the “cover” page at the end of the issue.

Alexandria Hall
September 2018