2.04 Lamentations

Michelle Marion


The initial theme of chiaroscuro led my imagination to see images of severe & harsh lighting—which I have never played with in my art. After seeing Capicúa (which means "palindrome" in Spanish), I wanted to play with the meaning of the word as well as the art provided. I visualized a piece with a similar beginning and ending, with dancers who shed their shirts to expose the same thing all over again, and also simple shapes that were continually transformed, like the artist did before me.
—Michelle Marion


Michelle Marion is a choreographer, dancer and director focusing on concept videos in modern dance. She started her own dance company, Dust Dance Collective, in Tucson, AZ before relocating to her current city, Philadelphia. In her every day life, she uses her Masters of Nonprofit Leadership Management as an operations manager, but hopes to one day transition to an art nonprofit (or start her own!), where her two passions can merge together.
Dust Dance Collective

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