Editor’s Note

Welcome back for the second issue of tele-! The theme for this issue is chiaroscuro, a prompt left open for our contributors to engage with in its technical sense or to explore symbolically, while interpreting and translating the work of the previous artist into a new medium. From the first transmission of the message to its final iteration, Issue Two has traveled across North America, changing, growing, gathering layers and then casting them off, looking back at itself to reach inward or scurry away, unraveling threads to be picked up later. I invite you to observe the way the issue moves from one piece to the next. A thread of light in a black and white photograph becomes a yellow rope in a brightly lit sculpture. A group of dancers remove their shirts, which mysteriously seem to reappear, two pieces later, hanging on the line. Watch as the artists carry each piece over through imitating a gesture, asking questions, or rebuilding from a concept or a feeling.

Thanks to our artists for their generous contributions of time, thought, and creative energy. This issue features video, choreography, sculpture, text, and images by Faith Arazi & Madeleine Mori, Rachel Elizabeth Jones, Austin Sley Julian, Lydia Kern, Eli Kleinsmith, Michelle Marion, Francisco Márquez, Luca Salas Bassani Antivari, Benjamin Stein, and Mercedes Williams, with video cover art by Misha Davidoff. I’d like to thank them all for giving shape to this new issue.

I encourage you to view the issue first from beginning to end, to see each piece as it continues from the previous and to read each artist’s statement on the process of translation. What is carried on? What is lost? What develops in the gaps?

Alexandria Hall
February 2019