2.06 Red Shirt and Blue Shirt

Eli Kleinsmith

Paper, vellum, gouache, and wire

I tried as best I could to hone in on my initial reaction to the video I received. I wrote down a list of words and phrases that came to mind while I watched it. Finding a home in masculinity, secret moments, comfort, exhaustion, fluid movement, sexiness, watching the show. It was sort of a semiconscious effort to get from the phrases to the idea of making a shirt. Going back and forth between internal/external, inside/outside and trying to distill that into an object. Actually working with the paper and paint was more decision based and up front in the mind.
—Eli Kleinsmith


Eli Kleinsmith is a Philadelphia based artist who works primarily with paper and wood. Professionally he is a Production Designer and Props Person for film, tv, and commercial projects. He also makes music videos and plays the violin.

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